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XINJI Large Format Printing Press Presentation

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 On March 16,Xinxiang Xinovo Machinery Co.,Ltd hold a presentation for XJ162 and XJ145 in XuChang.

   Early spring,flowers in full bloom,XuChang is particularly beautiful. In XuChang SanDing HuaYue hotel,printing and packaging industry from all over the country dealers,customers,more than 50 people gathered here.The XinJi chairman Mr.Hao and sale deputy general manager Mrs.Zhang said the welcome word to the guests.



 The XinJi chairman Mr.Hao said:“For a long time,XinJi has been devote itself to research&development and manufacture the large format printing press.In 2013,XinJi and German export held in-depth and comprehensive technical cooperation.We direct introduction of Germany advanced offset machine manufacturing and technology,design and manufacture in accordance with the German offset printing machine manufacturing standards.Under the guidance of German exports,we have great improvement in scene management,technology means,technology optimization,measurement test ,etc.XJ145 will be a new crystallization by Chinese and German technology cooperation,it is stepping up development and will be come out soon.Impression cylinder and transfer drum adopt the German bearing,high strength anti-friction material coating on the machine,the whole machine adopts the touch key button,appearance more beautiful.”

The sales deputy general manager Mrs.Zhang expressed the tenacity and persistence of  XinJi people,she said:“XinJi has experienced 70 years of rough,but XinJi people’s tenacity and industry friends’ support and love achieve The Leading Brand For National Large Format Printing Press. In 2016,we will continue to strive upward spirit,advance bravely,offer more perfect printing press.” 


The marking department minister Mr.Guo introduced the structure and performance parameters of XJ145.As a user representatives Mr.Geng from XuChang HuaLi paper packaging Co.,Ltd production department manager introduced use condition about XJ145.

The live demonstration in the XuChang HuaLi paper packaging Co.,Ltd.This company is a full reinforced and listed company,high reputation in the industry.The guests in the workshop to see the running condition of XJ162,and look over the printing products.

The meeting is very successful.The guests had a deeper comprehensive understanding to XinJi,many customers are asking for related information, to know more information ,expressed the intention to order.

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